S. S. E.
It's been 1 year already since I came to Aomori for studying.

I knew only greetings in Japanese at first, but now I made progress in conversation and I don't feel a great deal of convenience in my daily life. I owe it to my dedicated Japanese teachers and the help of overseas students from other countries.

As I was the only Korean among the incoming students here, I felt lonely so much at the beginning. But now I look back on and think that it was better for me on the contrary because I could improve my Japanese rapidly.

I've been asked such a question many times; "Why did you choose Aomori, not a big city like Tokyo?" But I have no regrets about my choice.
Referring to my friends who went to Tokyo for studying, some of them study hard and go to prestigious universities, of course. But I also know that most of students are just spending time with only Koreans and defer their studies, that is the very thing they came only for pleasure.
There are not busy streets like a big city, or many Korean students in Aomori. But we have the best drinking water in Japan. We can always enjoy the winter sports nearby as we have heavy snowfall in winter. Aomori has such a wonderful natural environment.

As we, overseas students from various countries, live in a dormitory together, so it's easy to exchange cultures each other as seeing and learning at close rage. That is one of the most attractive advantages in studying at Aomori Chuo Gakuin University. Thanks to it, I only need to buy my round-trip tickets to go on a trip to my friends' country

It is a period of internationalization now, many of those friends are surely going to be my precious asset after we graduate to become a working member of society.
There's only 3 years to be left for my campus life, so I will make plans for my future and try my best to study hard and make more friends, not to regret afterwards.
C. W. S.
It's been already 7 months since I came to Japan. I had many different experiences include surprising, for example, Onsen (Japanese hot spa), surroundings and so on.

It's not so easy to live in Japan, honestly speaking. My first problem was food. I cook my own meals as it cost much if I eat out everyday, but I cannot cook well. Now I get used to, though…

My next problem was Japanese language. The more I studied Japanese, I made progress in it, but I also found its difficulty. I would try harder, and I would be much better, I hope. Also, It is unbearably cold in winter as my experience.

I could make many friends in Japan so far. Nothing gives me pleasure than this.
It is important not only the result but also the process to reach it while at university, I think.
O. S. P.
My home country, Malaysia lies right on the equator, and the sun shining into this country throughout the year. I chose Aomori because the change of the seasons is quite noticeable in northern part of Japan.

I'm enjoying staying in Aomori so much. You can have marvelous experiences each season. In the spring, Cherry Blossom Viewing at Hirosaki Castle Park where is well-known place in Japan. The Aomori Nebuta Festival in summer, the wonderful autumn tints in fall at Oirase Gorge, and the road franked with snow highly in winter. Aomori is really attractive place.
Overseas students including me are fully supported by Aomori Chuo Gakuin University and provided the wide variety of extra-curricular activities by IEC (International Exchange Centre).
I've visited the World Heritage "Shirakami-Sanchi", the Historic sight "Sannai-Maruyama", and Hirosaki Castle Park to see the cherry blossoms. Also I've participated in scallop fisheries, tree-planting experience, Aomori Nebuta Festival, playing the Tsugaru-Shamisen, rice reaping, homestay at farmhouses and so on. I could have such a various historical, economical and cultural experiences and visiting only for 2 years. I couldn't have so many experiences if I was studying in other places in Japan. It is only because of wonderful locality and culture in Aomori, not other universities.

Thanks to delicious food in Aomori, one of my Japanese friends calls me "glutton " sometimes. Aomori is a world-famous apple-producing area. I didn't have much chances to have Japanese apples in Malaysia, but now I love Aomori apples especially Fuji, there are many kind of apples in Aomori though. Fuji is the best apple in the world, I bet. If I was a Snow White, I wouldn't suspect and probably had a poisoned Fuji apple. I would die… but Aomori apples are too delicious to hold me back.

Aomori is also a Chinese yam, burdock and garlic-producing area not only apples. It's also famous for the marine product like flatfish or scallop in Japan. You can have various foods in season as it follows; the strawberry and cherry in spring, watermelon and melon in summer, persimmon and saury in autumn, Chinese yam and nourishing pickled vegetables in winter. I cannot be avoided to be a glutton in this good environment. Almost all the overseas students in Aomori might have put their weight on, I think.

The last is as for the people in Aomori. You might feel little bit hard to approach them first because of language barriers. But they are really kind to you if you could speak to them from yourself. They also have a charming side to it. You could make many friends here, I bet.
I'm very happy to study in Aomori.
Thank you, Aomori !
D. N. V. H.
I decided to study at Aomori Chuo Gakuin University, because the one and only the Faculty of Management and Law in Japan and its international character appealed to me so much

I was uneasy about staying in foreign country before I came. But I got used to the new environment as I could make friends from various countries and develop rapport with Japanese people.

I enjoyed participating the activities for overseas students including FSA (Foreign Student Association). Also I'm happy with getting useful knowledge for my future from lectures here.

Looking back on my experiences here, my own values come up gradually and I could have matured so much during my studying here. I'm living a full life now, however, I will try to do something new to improve myself in the future.