F.S.A.(Foreign Student Association)

What is F.S.A.?

F.S.A. is organized by International Students and Japanese Students of Aomori Chuo Gakuin University.

The Activities of F.S.A. are;
i) To make plans for events(※) and to carry it out.
ii) To promote understanding each other between International Students and other international students, or Japanese students and local community, and then to develop the personal relationship with them.

※ AprilWelcome Party for New Students(Apr), Cherry-blossom Viewing Picnic(May), Christmas Party(Dec), Snow made cave called "Kamakura" Party(Jan) . . . etc.

"Nebuta" Music Club

There is "The Aomori Nebuta Festival" in every August in Aomori. It is well known as one of three major festivals in Tohoku district.

"Nebuta", that is the huge lantern floats of Kabuki-style man shape, parades through the streets with festival music "Hayashi". This Festival music consists of three Japanese musical instruments, drums, bamboo flutes and gongs.

Japanese student belong to this club mainly, but International Students also join this circle activities and warm up the Nebuta Festival together.

Cross-Cultural Experience Club

This circle is organized by International Students. The members visit many places in Aomori Prefecture and experience its Culture, History, Nature and Climate to deepen their understanding.

Calligraphy Club

There is Calligraphy peculiar to Japan as well as many other Asian countries. This is a circle to learn such Japanese calligraphy. Not only International Students but also Japanese students participate and improve together in this circle.

Calligraphy Club activities are once a week at our campus, and the members announce the result of their everyday exercises at our campus festival and some exhibitions.

We have a wide variety of student clubs. There will be something for everyone.