Aomori Chuo Gakuin University has been working in cooperation with Aomori Living Research Institute to carry out "Supporting Project for Aomori Prefecture" since 2005.

 This Project is aimed that;
i) International Students from Asia can deepen their understanding of the agriculture, forestry, fisheries and culture . . . in Aomori.
ii) We cultivate human resources capable of advertising Aomori that is their second hometown as Supporters of Aomori after returning to their home country.

 The experiences of scalloping, and harvesting apples, long yams and cherries made International Students understand Aomori much better. Also they learned how agricultural and marine products in Aomori are raised, processed, commercialized and shipped through the touring some agricultural processing or research facilities or participating in several events.

 In September 2006, some International Students had a chance to home stay at farmhouses. They helped farm work and cooked farm-style dishes with their host families. They were really able to experience actual life of farmhouses.